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Schema simpla detector metale

Inima circuitului detector de metale este integratul CS209A. Detectorul de metale este format dintr-o bobina de 100uH. Integratul are un oscilator care formeaza impreuna cu bobina un circuit LC, inductanta bobinei modificandu-se la aproprierea de obiecte metalice.
Ledul 1 se va aprinde si buzzerul va suna cand bobina isi va schimba inductanta. Setarea este usoara, VR1 este ajustat ( la departare de metale ) asa incat ledul se aprinde si buzzerul suna, apoi se ajusteaza pana cand ledul si buzzerul se opresc.

Schema detector metale

schema detector metale

A Coil Coupled Operation Metal Detector made from readily obtainable components and using an ordinary medium receiver as a detector.

The metal detector shown here may well represent a new genre. At any rate, after some exposure, it is regarded as such by those who have seen it. It is based on a standard transformer coupled oscillator (TCO) - hence the name Coil Coupled Operation (CCO) Metal Detector. Although requiring a BFO (in this case provided by a Medium Wave radio), it differs from a typical BFO detector in that its performance far outstrips that of BFO. Also, unlike BFO, it is dependent on the balance of two coils to boost sensitivity. It also differs from IB, in that its Rx section is an active, rather than passive, component of the oscillator. Further, unlike IB, the design does not require critical placement of the coils. As with both BFO and IB, the design provides discrimination. Experiments with different embodiments of the idea have shown that it has the potential to match the best of IB. Happy hunting!

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