vineri, 13 iulie 2012

the Baltic UFO

In the last year those of us into the more "interesting" news (as opposed to mundane issues like election years, immigration laws and healthcare reform--snore!) have been keenly following the discovery of the strangely spherical anomaly at the bottom of the Baltic.

197 feet in diameter and nearly 300 feet beneath the ocean's surface, the object appears to have a flattened/impacted "trail" behind it, implying it may have "skidded" to a stop at the bottom of the sea.

Is it a UFO? Some lost experimental military gizmo? A complete and utter hoax?

Whatever it is, the (no pun intended) water's just got murkier: On June 11, information has leaked stating that both US and Russian forces are blocking the crash site, preventing the Ocean X team from pursuing the dive. Hmmmm...really?

Dennis Asberg, Ocean X partner, has been quoted as saying "Everything is top secret now..because of the risks..hope you all understand this is no game. But the truth will be reported shortly."

Earlier, the team had reported electronic interference when directly over the site.
Artist's rendering of the Baltic Anomaly courtesy of

The Ocean X team has invested heavily in this venture, if nothing else only to answer the question on everyone's mind. Have the US and Russian militaries given us the answer???

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