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Negative oxygen ion generator 3
Published:2011/6/28 1:23:00 Author:Nicole | Keyword: oxygen ion, generator | From:SeekIC

This negative oxygen ion generator circuit is composed of TRIAC VT, diodes VD1-VD3, resistors R1-R4, capacitors C1-C3, boost transformer T and electrode pad, it is shown in the figure 9-115. The bleeder circuit is made of R1 and C1, the phase shift trigger circuit consists of VD1, C2, R3. At the negative half-cycle of AC, rectifier diode VD2 turns on, after rectifying, the pulse DC voltage charges to C3 by R2, when the both sides of C3's voltage reaches peak value, VT is triggered and turned on. When the AC passage zero, due to C2's phase shift action, C2's voltage also can make VT turned on. 
Air negative ion generator increased the use of high-voltage corona ion content in the air to improve air quality, can promote good health, known as "air vitamin." Clinical Practice has proved that its respiratory system, circulatory system and neurological diseases such as have secondary effects, which in life and the medical profession to be widely used. 
This paper describes an efficient open-negative-ion generator, which uses high-voltage thyristor inverter, suspension-firing pin, the structure simple and effective, safe and reliable. Mains voltage 160-250V can work properly, and the power pole province, only about 1W, so long-term continuous operation. 
The negative ion generator circuit shown in Figure 1 ( Click here to download the schematic diagram ). 220V electricity by the VD1, VD2, and R1, R2 of the rectifier, current limiting, one-way pulse-off current control of VS to produce oscillations, the step-up transformer T, after VD3 million volts rectified by the negative pressure, the discharge for air discharge, resulting in ionization, generates negative ions. 
Selection and production of components

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