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generator ioni negativi

creating negative ion
To build circuit one, you'll need a 33nf 1000V polyester capacitor (1x), 68nf 1000V polyester capacitor (1x), 3nf 1000V polyester capacitors (17x), 1N4007 diodes (20x), and 3.3M 1-watt resistors (3x). You'll also need a metal antenna. The antenna can be made out of pretty much any "pointy" metal. For example, a series of needles attached together in series:
You could even hack a fan into an antenna by attaching metal nails to the blades, and a rotary conducting surface to produce a "spinning corona" effect, and also circulate the negative ions with the fan itself. Use your imagination! The circuit diagram below shows how to create the negative ion generator. The "E, D, C, B, A" represents the antenna; you can simply attach your own antenna to the output of the three resistors.

Note: The circuit diagram specifies 220 volt AC input. This can be substituted with 120 volt AC input, with output levels decreasing accordingly. 

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